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celebrate someone you love with our postcard party kits!

Let's party!
Send some love!

Celebrate together, miles apart!

Postcard Party loves to celebrate!

Our kits enable you to throw a party no matter how many miles separate your loved ones.

Kits include postcards, envelopes, banner cord, clips and instructions.

There are several font collections to choose from as well as envelope, cord and clip colors for a variety of tastes and preferences.

And when the postcard party is complete, hang the postcards as a decorative banner, filled with hand-written messages of love and affirmation for your loved one!

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Celebrate anything! Birthday, anniversary, retirement, welcome home, new additions to your family, gratitude, congratulations, get well, good luck and so much more!

People love handwritten messages!

  • ★★★★★

    “The postcard banner made me feel so special! It is a wonderful way to spread love and warmth.”

  • ★★★★★

    “My favorite postcard was the “H” because that’s the letter that starts my name. I love the postcard party because I got cards from all over and it was a surprise.”

  • ★★★★★

    “My Postcard Party has turned out to be the highlight of our company's 50th anniversary celebration! I was moved to tears as I read the comments of people I had worked with over my entire lifetime. What an amazing gift and what a great idea!”

  • ★★★★★

    “I have loved getting my birthday greetings in postcard form! It's really been affirming, and I treasure the kind words.”

  • ★★★★★

    “What an encouraging way to celebrate a birthday! To hear from two dozen of my favorite people is good for my soul--far better than any trinket, tool or gag gift I could have received for my 40th.”

  • ★★★★★

    “Thanks to My Postcard Party, for providing a painless way to shower family and friends with joy for any occasion!”


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Here's how to throw a party:

Tips and tricks for throwing a postcard party are listed here.

Think about the person you want to celebrate. What style and what phrase best suits the celebration? Choose the phrase and style and make your purchase.

You'll receive the postcards that spell out your phrase, along with envelopes, clips, banner cord, and resources for the instructions to send to your guests.

Address the postcards to your party recipient and put a postcard stamp on it too. Adding the stamp will increase the success of your party. Currently postcard stamps are 44 cents here in the U.S.

The guest list is made up of all the people you want to write messages to your party recipient. It can be family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, classmates...people who know the recipient. Your guest list can include people from near and far, because we're using the US Postal Service to carry the messages to your recipient.

Use our suggestion for an enclosure sheet of instructions or create your own. Insert the addressed and stamped postcards along with the instruction sheet in the kit's envelopes. Send the envelopes to your guest list. We recommend keeping a list of which guest received which postcard. Just in case there's a delivery problem, you have a reference for who, what and where.

In our template for instructions, we suggest everyone take a photo of the postcard's flip side before placing in a mailbox. That way all the messages will be retained even if a card or two go missing. My Postcard Party will do their best to help replace missing cards...just email them.

If the postcards are being sent to a loved one whose residence is elsewhere, you can send the clips and cord onto them. Or if the postcards are addressed to someone in your home, then hang up the cord and attach the clips and then when cards arrive, clip them to the cord.

Our parties have been delivered in multiple ways. Here are some ideas:

*Send the cards to yourself and when all the cards have arrived, package them up with clips and cord and send it on to the recipient.

*Send the cards to the recipient and let them be surprised and get to decipher the phrase as cards arrive in their mailbox.

*Inform the recipient of the upcoming postcards, clips and cord and wish them an enjoyable party!